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Rupesh Harding

A bit of a potted biography

Rupesh with Balou, the rescued hound

After my initial studies at university I went to India. It was there that I first became immersed in meditation & changed my name to Rupesh. Whilst working in the bakery of an ashram, and later the woodcraft workshop, I discovered the delight of working with my hands. Having returned to England I started to learn Shiatsu massage and the concepts of yin & yang.


I worked for 7 years as a member of a pioneering wholefood cooperative, spreading the word about the benefits of simple food and quality ingredients. After that I added fresh hand skills and worked on the restoration of old buildings, specializing in the repair of sash windows. In both these careers I applied my massage skills to good effect on fellow workers and clients alike.


Given the opportunity to retrain, acupuncture seemed an obvious choice, combining my interest in helping others, application of fine hand skills and the effectiveness it had had on my own ailments in the past, yet less taxing on the body than heavy duty carpentry & joinery, or lugging big sacks around.


I am a member of The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the main body for regulation of Traditional Acupuncture in the UK ( I studied acupuncture at The London College of Traditional Acupuncture for three years and gained a BSc degree from the University of Portsmouth.


Outside of Oriental Medicine I am married with three children & I enjoy travelling and walking in France, Buddhist meditation, woodworking, theatre & live music and my grandchildren. 


For a number of years I have helped out in the preparation & running of Madras Cafe at Womad festival of world music. This pop-up Indian vegetarian restaurant raises funds for Action Village India, a charity that supports grass roots Gandhian projects in mainly rural India

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