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Diagnosis of your personal condition is made through observation, palpation and consultation.

The first consultation will take details of your current complaint, when it started, what makes it better or worse and what, if any, treatment you have been having. Your past medical history, as well as details of any current medication you are taking is taken into account. Additionally you may be asked the traditional Ten Questions following the principles of yin & yang such as “are you hot or cold?”,  ”how is your sleep” & for women, details of your menstrual cycle which all relate to how you normally function.

I might feel your pulse at the wrists and examine your tongue, both of which can add valuable information to inform my diagnosis.



pulse taking Feeling the pulses at the wrist

Many signs and symptoms (and what makes them better or worse) help to build up the picture of your condition, how it arose and how it can be treated. Unexplained symptoms can often be key in the diagnostic process. From this diagnosis is built a treatment plan.


I often use the Balance Method style of treatment refined by Dr Richard Tan which brings different techniques & understanding to bear, which looks at where the problem presents & which particular acupuncture pathways are implicated.

The diagnostic process also includes the techniques & insights of Dr Wang Yu Ji, an extraordinary, recent Chinese doctor with more than 50 years of clinical experience, I may palpate (feel) along the pathways of the channels from your hands to your elbows & from your feet to your knees. This will help to confirm & refine my diagnosis & guide me in my point selection.

This why the initial consultation can be 1½ hours

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